Equip, Reroll & Link Effect

 There is a rune NPC in every Capital

Interacting with the NPC produces two options:

(Equip Rune)         (Reroll Rune Slot)

Equip Runes

On the left select a piece of gear then the right side will show available runes.

Select the rune you wish to equip then click the 장착 (Equip) button.  Alternatively, you can unlock rune slots with: 해금석

After clicking equip a new window will open.

성공 확률 = Sucess Rate.
확인 = Confirm.
취소 = Cancel.

You can increase the success rate by using 마법 가루 (Magic Powder)*.
For higher tiers, you need upper tier magic powder.

*= You get magic powder from salvaging runes.

Reroll Rune Slots

By using 해금석 and some silings (Silver Coins) you can reroll the rune slot color. The resulting color is random. A white rune slot can equip any rune. If you are lucky, you can get an amplified rune slot which enhances the effect by 100%.

Link Effects

When a piece of gear has two different color slots it gains a Link Effect bonus.

For instance, a red rune linked with a blue rune result in a 0.5% movement speed increase. All links are detailed on the individual rune pages.