Adventure Journal

The adventure journal (N) is broken up into 10 categories,all of which contribute to the total completion (100%) of an area. Click the drop down from the banner above for a specific area.

Collection Collection:

These items drop from any killed mobs, be it in the field or in an areas dungeons (normal or hard). Once picked up simply right click the item in your inventory to consume the item and add progress to your Adventure Journal. Note: many of these require more than one.

Cook Cooking:

Cooking items also go into the inventory like collections,but instead of consuming them the player must take the items back to the Chef in the area. The Chef will combine the individual ingredients and give the player an item that can be consumed for completion.

View Viewpoint:

These are spread out through every zone in an area, simply go up and press (R) on them.

Dungeon Dungeon:

Both normal and hard contribute to Adventure Journal completion. The normal mode icon will turn blue and the hard mode icon will turn red when complete.

Named Monster Named Monster:

These are spread out between each zone in an area. Killing a Named Monster adds completion to your Adventure Journal.

Field Boss Field Boss:

Field bosses require a group to kill, and only spawn in specific windows. Killing a boss will add completion to your Adventure Journal.

Yellow Quest Yellow Quest:

Each area has two specific yellow quests that must be completed.

Hidden Story Hidden Story:

These are hidden quests that must be completed in order, starting at 1.

Amity Amity:

Use emotes and songs on each NPC, using these actions resets daily.

Portal Portal:

Activate all the portals in an area to complete this in your Journal.