Patch Note – February 27, 2019. Noob Raid


Lost Ark Kr Server Patch Note February 27, 2019


Apprentice Difficulty Raid

  • Added a new raid called “Apprentice Raid”
    • The apprentice raid is easier difficulty version of the guardian raid
    • Players can access the new raid from the apprentice raid board besides the guardian raid board in the capitals
    • Rewards are adjusted based on the difficulty (Fewer drops compare to the guardian raid)
    • Players can receive the first clear reward box from any difficulties, but players can receive the reward once per character
    • Shares the number of guardian soul harvests with the guardian raid
    • Requires 10 item levels lower than the guardian raid for the matching queue system
    • Killing bosses from the apprentice raid give a quest credit for weekly Epona request 
    • Players can advance their guardian slayer tier by killing bosses from the apprentice raid

Boss Rush

  • Adjusted the number of Antares Coins that can be acquired from clearing the boss rush and the time bonus
    • Increased the number of Antares coins from the mid-levels and the time bonus
  • Changed reward items that can be purchased for the Antares Coins
    • Added Trial RNG Box
    • Removed heroic ability stones and added legendary ability stones
    • Removed the tool of engraving and the artisan hammer

Battle Item Improvement

  • Adjusted gathering nodes in the platinum field
    • Sapling: spawns Tier 4,5,6 saplings
      • T4 sapling: Platinum Gathering material
      • T5,6 Saplings: Spawns the golden fruit tree based on saplings’ tier
    • Archeology: Spawns two tier 6 trails of artifact
  • Players can obtain more materials for battle items from the platinum field
    • Gathering: healing potion, advanced healing potion, blessing of elemental, and advanced endurance potion
    • Woodcutting: awakening potion,  and advanced suppression potion
    • Mining: Molotov, and advanced expertise potion
    • Hunting: Adropin, and advanced haste potion
    • Fishing: Rocket boots, advanced critical potion, trumpet of ruteran, and thunder bolt
    • Archeology: water bomb, and advanced mastery potion  
  • We will keep improving the system


  • Rewards have been adjusted
    • Increased the number of ancient coins that can be acquired from dungeon completion
    • Reduced required the number of tokens for exchanging acrasium boxes
    • Reduced required the number of tokens for exchanging rune boxes
    • Reduced required the number of tokens for exchanging unlock stones


  • Added “생명을 파괴하는 유령선” (Ghost Ship) spawn times
    • Every Saturday 22:oo/22:30/23:00
    • Players can enter the ship once
  • The ghost ship will spawn randomly in dangerous seas
  • Fixed an issue that minimap become inactive after players escaped from wrecked ships

Battlefield of Sylmael

  • Improved matchmaking system
    • the matchmaking system will match similar guilds
    • Still working on revamping the system



  • More players can acquire items from the field bosses
  • Increased the drop rate of the cooking recipe from “거신 카스피엘” (Caspiel)
  • Increased the drop rate of the cooking materials from Proxima
  • Increased the maximum number of crafting goods from 10 to 99
  • Adjusted  the amount of mark of lupeon that dropped from various contents
    • Increased the number of drops from the chaos dungeon
    • Increased the number of drops from Epona pouch
    • Decreased the number of drops from elite monsters from dungeons and fields
  • Added an affinity gift item that can be purchased for 3000 marks of lupeon from the mark of lupeon exchange vendor


  • Players no longer can cleanse debuff “cannot use any tracking battle items” by using skills
  • Fixed an issue that players cannot use recovery move action when players hit by skills that hit multiple times in the short time of period 
  • Fixed an issue that Bard’s skill Heaven’s play with bravery play tripod trait had unexpected skill range
  • Fixed an issue that Summoner’s “순간 폭팔” tripod trait and Hawkeye’s “DM-42” skill reacted to corpses