Patch Note – February 13, 2019. Guild Content: Battlefield of Sylmael


Lost Ark Kr Server Patch Note February 13, 2019

Battlefield of Sylmael

Battlefield of Sylmael has been added as new contents

  • Players can access to the battlefield through the Sylmael’s battlefield board in the Capitals (Bern, Castle of Ruteran, Stern, Roarun)
    • Added additional npcs and the battlefield board 
  • Added Guild Raid and Guild vs Guild contents
  • Guilds can participate in the ranked competition after complete register 
  • Regular guild members or above can participate in the Guild Raid and GvG
  • Each node has different requirements to participate 
  • All guild members will get a reward based on a guild’s ranking
    • Guild members who have not connected for more than a week will not get the reward
    • A new guild member cannot receive the reward
    • The reward will be distributed on Wednesday (Kr time)
  • Added a new category “Battlefield of Sylmael” on the calendar

Guild Raid

  • Added 9 nodes for the guild raid
  • A guild must register in order to participate in the guild raid, A guild can register the raid until Saturday 06:00~23:59 (Kr Time)
    • Once a guild registered, cannot be changed
    • A guild can register only one node
  • A rank reward will be distributed within the top 50% and top 100% rewards with 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place rewards

Guild Raid Rule

  • A guild can only participate in one node. Guild members cannot enter the raid when other members are doing the guild raid
  • A guild can enter other nodes but the time record will not be reflected in the ranking
  • A guild can enter freely 
  • A guild can summon a boss from the Summoning Tombstone
  • Once a boss is summoned, the boss must be killed within the time limit
  • A guild will be placed in the Ranking system based on kill time
  • Players can use battle items as normal field
  • A guild master or a guild officer can give up the raid
  • If the raid fails, players can re-enter the raid after a certain amount of time

Guild vs Guild

  • Guild vs Guild has three different modes: Conquest, Defense, and Elimination
  • Conquest Mode: A guild must claim Sylmael in the center and fragments of Sylmael (A guild can use buffs that provided in the battlefield)
  • Defense Mode:  A guild must protect its fragment of Sylmael and take the enemy’s fragment of Sylmael to win
  • Elimination Mode: Kill the enemy guild and capture Sylmael in the center
  • Guild vs Guild will be available on Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday 21:30~22:30 (Kr Time). A guild can register one of the nodes between 00:00~20:00 on the day of the guild vs guild
    • If you do not cancel the registration, a system automatically registers on the same node
    • A guild can cancel register and re-register while the registration is available
    • A guild  can gain points on the registered node
    • A guild can register only one node
    • A guild can receive only one rank reward from a node that you registered on Wednesday 
  • A guild can do a maximum of nine matches in a week. 1st place guild will hold a node for a week
  • A rank reward will be distributed within the top 50% and top 100% rewards with 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place rewards. Participants will get another reward per match
  • Press Shift to open the battlefield info during the match
  • You can check a guide in the battlefield

GvG Rule

  • A guild with less than 4 participants will lose automatically
  • If both guilds have less than 4 participants, both guilds will lose
    • Cannot gain points for the ranking system
  • Cannot change equipment, battle items, and skills in the battlefield
  • There is a usage limit for battle items
  • Players will not be allowed to enter a match after the match begins, and players cannot use /탈출(/escape) or play escape song after entry. 
  • When a guild master or a guild officer is in the match, they can kick members from the match by using crtl+right-click, but the kicked person can re-enter
  • There is no equalized gear. Engraving (Inscription), rune, and refinement are applying in the battlefield (but no mark of victory)
  •  Players have to reform a party in the battlefield
  • A guild with the most points will win the match
  • A guild can obtain points from killing the enemies, capturing Sylmael, and acquiring fragments of Sylmael
  • A guild can surrender by initiating /기권하기 vote process
    • You can not gain points for the ranking system
  • When you disconnect from the match, you cannot re-enter the match until the match is finished


  • Guild growth system has been added 
    • A guild can gain experience from the battlefield of Sylmael contents. A guild can upgrade its capacity up to 50
    • Players can check guild benefits for each level. Simply press ? icon on the guild members tab
  • Added  a penalty that restricts joining and creating a guild for a certain period of time after leaving a guild
    • If a player leaves the guild within 30 days of joining the guild, the penalty applies to the player
    • The penalty period increase from one day to a maximum of eight days (1, 2, 4, 8 days)
    • A character below level 50 will get a reduced penalty (3 times of leaving a guild: 12hrs, 4 times – 24 hours)
  • Replaced guild members’ contribution info to the current guild members’ location

Convenient Feature

  • Smart Ping has been added in Raid and the battlefield of Sylmael
    • Ctrl+ left click or drag can send move, group up, danger, and help pings to other players
  • Some life content materials are changed to 100 units in the market


  • Bhrams has been adjusted its performance
    • Reduced repair costs
    • Added an extra crew slot at level 6 (at level 10, Bhrams will have 5 crew slots)
    • 선박 ‘브람스’ 전용 선원 ‘다이아나’에게 ‘선상 만찬 Lv.3’ 스킬을 추가하였습니다.
    • 선박 ‘브람스’ 전용 선원 ‘셜리’에게 ‘수중탐사 Lv.2’ 스킬을 추가하였습니다.
    • 선박 ‘브람스’의 모든 레벨에서 ‘암초 폭파 Lv.1’을 삭제하였습니다.
  • Dangerous seas in Procyon Ocean will not have green points 


  • The difficulty of the weekly raid has been adjusted (more appropriate difficulty level for the entry limit item level)
  • Fixed an issue that Nacrasena still uses the grabbing skill after cutting out its tail