Patch Note – January 30, 2019. Episode 1: Rohendel


Lost Ark Episode 1: Rohendel Patch Note

New Continent

The Continent of Magic Rohendel is available. the Procyon Ocean and enter the Silverwave Lake harbor.

  • A new journey will begin to find an Ark in Rohendel. Before you begin an adventure, there will be tough immigration process.
  • Adventurers who achieved item level 380 can accept a quest to unlock a ferry in the Silverwave Lake
  • When you arrive Rohendel, a ferry line between Shushire and Rohendel will unlock. Once you complete quests in Rohendel, you are able to use a ferry line between Bern and Rohendel
  • You can find Mokoko Seeds in Rohendel
  • Added additional Epona Requests in Rohendel
  • Added Affinity Npcs: 아제나, 오렐다, 엘레노아
  • You can access Sylian’s command , raid, pvp, and chaos dungeon in the Capital of Rohendel: Roarun
  • Added Song of Eternity: 영원의 노래
    • Song of Eternity is a mysterious song that has been handed down to Sylins, the song has mysterious magical power.
    • You can obtain the song from completion of an adventure journal in Rohendel
  • Added new secret dungeons in Rohendel

New Dungeon

  • Added new dungeons “Labyrinth of Silent” and “Labyrinth of Void”
  • You can obtain “Particle of Silent” from Labyrinth of Silent and “Particle of Void” from Labyrinth of Void
  • You can obtain Particle of Labyrinth from  “Labyrinth of Silent” and “Labyrinth of Void”
  • You can exchange items with the particles from Npc near the dungeons
  • You can exchange listed items three times per a week 
    • Particle of Silent -> Acrasium Tier 1
    • Particle of Void -> Acrasium Tier 2
    • Particle of Labyrinth -> Event Chaos Dungeon Ticket
  • You have a chance to loot rune(selectable) box and accessory
  • You can obtain the particles from salvaging accessories

Labyrinth of Silent

  • The dungeon is located in Valankar Mountains
  • You must complete a quest “적막한 세계의 위협” from 하벨 in Bern Castle to enter the dungeon
  • The dungeon requires an entry ticket that can be acquired from NPC “아레시아” near the dungeon
    • 750 silings (3 times per a week)
    • 1500 Mark of Rupeon (3 times per a week)
    • 10 Gold (No limit)
    • Recommended Item level is 300~400 

Labyrinth of Void

  • The dungeon is located in Glass Lotus Lake
  • You must complete a quest “경계 너머의 공허” from 아베르스 in Roarun to enter the dungeon
  • The dungeon requires an entry ticket that can be acquired from NPC “리닐라” near the dungeon
    • 1000 silings (3 times per a week)
    • 2000 Mark of Rupeon (3 times per a week)
    • 30 Gold (No limit)
    • Recommended Item level is 400~550

Lost Ark Shop

  • You can use the web shop from mobile web browser
  • Adjusted items that appear in the Mari’s secret shop
  • You can preview avatars and mounts in a package
  • You can preview avatars on gifting option


  • Made adjustment on Affinity system to improve convenience and efficiency
    • All gift items have been changed to be presented to all affinity NPCs
    • Increased the maximum number of the same gift items that you can gift per day
    • Each character can gift 99 items per day
    • Each character can play songs 5 times per day
    • Each character can do social actions 5 times per day
    • Increased affinity points on uncommon, rare, and heroic grades gift items
    • Reduced interact-able songs and social actions on certain NPCs, but increased affinity points on playing a song and social actions
    • Gift Items that has specific theme can give more affinity points on certain NPCs (ex: 크리스탈 목걸이 , 카바티안의 왕관) 
  • Added “Pledge of Friendship” System
    • “Pledge of Friendship helps you to gain more affinity points
    • Once you reach “Trustworthy” on one of your character, other can character can get benefit of the system
  • When you receive listed items as affinity reward for the first time, other characters will get substituted items
    • Gold
    • Heroic or Above grade cards, and materials for cards
    • Feather of Resurrection
    • Pirate Coin
    • Crews
    • Ship Schematics
    • Crystals
    • Sail Design
    • Shiny Golden Key
    • and more


  • Made improvement on vote kick system in a party
    • You can give warning to players with no clue / bad behavior / troll
    • If a player got warnings from all party members, you can initiate a vote kick


  • You can open the same boxes at once
    • Deleted continuous open box function
  • A requirement of unlocking Spyglass inscription is 20 


  • Added a new island “Ocean’s Cradle Fermata” on the Procyon Ocean
  • Added a new quest to reveal a secret on Island of Twilight
    • Unlocked a new path to the inside of the island
    • Added repair NPC
  • Added a field boss “수신 아포라스” on Death Gorge
    • The island has been changed to rotation island (calendar island) from normal island
    • Added a public quest “죽음이 지배하는 섬” which requires to kill “수신 아포라스”
    • There are three 아포라스’s trees to protect “수신 아포라스”
  • Added a new content “생명을 파괴하는 유령선” (Ghost Ship). 15 players can participate in it (per instance i think)
    • You can check the event schedule on the calendar
    • You have a chance to obtain “에이번의 상처” (Ghost Ship)
  • Added search function to search crews while you are in the anchored mode
  • Added Mail Post NPC on Kaltherz

Collection Reward

  • Added new mokoko seed reward
    • you can get rewards up to 850 mokoko seeds
  • “추락한 거인의 귀걸이” (Earring from Heart of Giant)” has been changed to item level 540 from 510

More…..soon Especially Skills 

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