Lunar New Year Event Guide


This is a Guide for Lost Ark’s Lunar New Year Event Guide

Lunar New Year Attendance Reward 

You can go to HERE

You can claim a reward on Feb 1~6 (KR time). You must log on the game to gain credit then claim the reward on the website. Simply Click 아이템 받기

Tortoyk Marble

Until Feb 27th 2019

Click Here for the event page

You will get 3 dice per day (You must log on the game to get dices). You can get extra 3 dice if you play Lost Ark in an internet cafe. Click “주사위 굴리기” to roll a dice

Once you complete the run you get 두근두근 주머니. For the first completion, you get 10 Ancient gold coins. You can get an ancient platinum coin for 5th-time completion, For 10th-time completion, you get 2 ancient platinum coins

Claim Reward

Press F4 (Lost Ark Shop) in the game. 



Click  “상품함” to get the event rewards



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