Patch Note – January 9th 2019


This is a Lost Ark Kr server Jan 9th 2019 Patch Note 


Alt Characters’ Progression 

Mokoko Seed Earring

Mokoko Earring from Mokoko seed collection reward is an account share item

  • You can trade the earring through an expedition shareable storage slot
  • All class can use the earring
  • The earring is not a sellable, destructible and salvageable item
  • If you do not have the earring due to destruction and other reasons. You will get Mokoko Earring Box from a mailbox (you can receive the item on the most recently connected character)

Adventure Journal

Adventure Journal is now account share

  • All characters are sharing adventure journal progression (For collections, we added each character’s progression)
  • Completion Rewards are separate into two different types: character bound and account bound
  • You cannot receive completion rewards on a character that does not unlock each continent’s adventure journal

Heart of Island

Acquiring a heart of island become much easier on alt characters

  • If one of your characters already acquired a heart of island, your other characters can obtain a heart much faster
    • Island of Flying Time
    • Panda PuPu Island
    • Turtle Island
    • Secret Base X-301
    • Island of Freedom
    • Pirate Town Atlas
    • Giant Mushroom Island
    • Totosilver Island
    • Kaltherz
    • Argon
    • City of Forgotten
    • Blacktooth Island
    • Spida Island
    • Outlaw Island
    • Libeheim

Collection Rewards

Heart of Island, Heart of Giant, and Greatest Painting collection rewards are separated into Account-bound reward and Character-bound reward

  • Account-bound reward: You can receive a reward once per account
  • Character-bound reward: Each character can receive a reward 
  • Account-bound reward and character-bound reward can be same
  • Added an icon for each reward type.

Acrasium Tier 1

Now you can transfer Acrasium Tier 1 to other characters on the same account

  • You can purchase Acrasium Tier 1 box for 10 x Acrasium Tier 1 from Traveling Merchant Andy
  • Acrasium Tier 1 Box has 6 x Acrasium Tier 1
  • The box itself is tradeable between characters on the same account. You can store the box in account share storage
  • The minimum requirement to purchase the box is item level 400

PVP Balance Patch


  • If you get multiple evasion increase effects, only the highest effect is applied
  • If you receive hard CC(피격이상) multiple times in a short time, you become immune to hard CC quicker



  • Initial motion delay of “Chain Sword” has been slightly reduced
  • Initial motion delay of “Wind Blade” has been slightly reduced
  • While performing “Shoulder Charge”, you can use other skills slightly faster


  • Leap Attack
    • Shockwave Tripod causes stiffness instead of hard cc in PVP
  • Shield Charge
    • Shield Charge causes stiffness instead of hard cc
    • Increased hit determination interval from 0.2 seconds to 0.3 seconds, and adjusted the damage
    • Total damage is the same as before.
  • Count Spear
    • Swift Readiness Tripod has been changed effect “deal 25% less damage, but reduce skill cooldown by 8 seconds”
  • Aura of Nelasia
    • Reduced damage reduction effect from 45% to 40%
    • “Retain Effect” tripod is reduced the effect duration from 4 seconds to 3 seconds.
  • Guardian’s Blessing
    • Reduced Shield Guage Recovery in PVP
  • Mark of Victory
    • “Iron Wall (철의장막)” : each damage reduction effect reduces 2.5% up to 40%
      • only the highest effect is applied


  • 오의 : 풍신초래
    • “냉기 폭풍” Tripod will not cause stiffness in PVP
  • 바람의 속삭임
    • Reduced damaged done by 46.0% on “초강풍” tripod in pvp
  • 승리의 문장
    • “오의 강화” no longer gives immune to status cc when you use 오의 skills in PVP



  • 공명의 사슬 (Chain of Resonance)
    • Consumes 20 Force and creates 10 shocks


  • Unlimited Shuffle
    • Cause stiffness to a target who is casting skill in pvp
  • Dark Resurrection
    • Cause stiffness to a target who is casting skill in pvp
  • Call of Destiny
    • Cause stiffness to a target who is not casting skill in pvp



  • Dissonant Chord
    • When you apply “살아 있는 화음” tripod, the dissonant chord has the slower speed to chase a target and increase skill cooldown by 4 seconds
  • Stigma
    • “폭풍의 낙인” tripod has the slower speed to chase a target and no longer cause stiffness in pvp
  • Song of Heaven
    • Reduced damage by 26.7% in pvp
  • Song of Protection
    • Reduced damage reduction effect from 50% to 40%
    • “수호의 바람” tripod grants 20% evasion increase effect instead of 30% 
  • Mark of Victory
    • Song of Endurance increases 200 endurance
    • Song of Expertise increases 200 expertise
    • Song of Haste increases 200 haste


  • Somersault Shot
    • Increased attack speed
  • Agile Shooting
    • Increased attack speed
    • Increased movement distance by 1m
  • Execution
    • “강인함” Tripod also immune to hard cc (피격 이상)


  • 이동베기
    • “Survival” Tripod: No longer immune to hard cc, and increase evasion rate by 50% while casting the skill
  • Claymore
    • “폭풍의 전율” tripod: Incread skill cooldown by 4 seconds
  • Charging Shot
    • Reduced damage done by 8.3% in pvp
  • Snipe
    • Reduced damage done by 8.3% in pvp
  • Silverhawk
    • Reduced damage done by 13.3% in pvp

Guardian Raid


  • Lowered difficulties on Tier 2 ~ Tier 4 Guardian Raids
    • Lowered certain guardians’ HP
    • Require less battle item to destroy/slash guardians’ parts
  • Adjusted HP on weekly guardian raid (Harder bosses have less hp, easier bosses have more hp)
  • Fixed an issue that nonqualified character could not see a message when they try to enter the weekly guardian raid


  • Increased radius of the magical circle wall used by enraged Levanos 
  • Decreased the duration of the magical circle wall used by enraged Levanos 
  • Enraged Levanos spawns four stun traps and spawn points are wider now
  • Cross direction breath has been modified that spawns near enraged Levanos


  • Orbs that Kalventus spawns take more damage
  • Orbs are vulnerable to hard CC and status effects
  • Increased spawn cycle of orbs (spawn time is increased)
  • Kalventus will stay on the ground for few seconds after spawning orbs
  • Kalventus no longer uses movement skill while orbs are spawned
  • Reduced neutralization requirement while Kalventus is enraged
  • Fixed an issue that Kalventus’ skill effect and actual location are different

Lava Chromanium

  • The cycle of Eruption on craters has been changed longer than before
  • Penetration Skill can destroy the shell of Lava Chromanium
  • After destruction of the shell, Lava Chromanium will stay longer in current area
  • Lava Chromanium will not move to other areas after spawning craters
  • Lava Chromanium will spawn craters after he neutralized
  • Fix an issue that Lava Chromanium runs away after neutralization during certain phase


  • Fixed an issue that a character with 100% movement speed reduction resistance gets the debuff from Frore Hellgaia
  • Fixed an issue that Heavy Armored Nacrasena appears on the same location while the boss have darkness debuff
  • Fixed an issue a corrosive bomb does not apply to Heavy Armored Nacrasena

Sylian’s Command

  • Corrected a system message when you try to install a trap and a fishing trap on broken traps in the platinum field
  • You can skip cutscenes in the platinum field
  • Fixed an issue that you could not press enter or matching on other contents after you press accept to enter Sylian’s command (who does that…….)
  • Fixed an issue that a character could not move in the begining of the next stage in Cube
  • Increased amount of gathered items from 만능 Mushroom in the platinum field


  • Item cooldowns of Chaos Dungeon +1, Epona Request +1, and Guardian Soul Collection +1 will reset on the daily reset (6 am KST)
  • 비밀 금고 (Secret vault) that you can purchase from traveling merchant Andy will give siling directly
  • Increased number of stackable items from 99 to 999 for certain items
  • Added a merchant NPC that exchange “Seal of Slayer” in the capitals
  • Changed a way to obtain gears from weekly raid
    • Weekly raid reward box drops accessories and “Seal of Slayer”
    • Accessories from the box will have random refinement level
    • Weapon and Armors from weekly raid can be refined by using Seal of Slayers and materials from lower tier raids
    • You can obtain “Seal of Slayer” from salvaging gears from weekly raid
  • Adjusted item level of weekly raid gear
  • Cashew Exchange NPC no longer sells “Red Ladybug”
  • When your inventory is full, a system is no longer send affinity reward through in-game mail
    • NPC will tell you to come back later after emptying your inventory slots


  • Lowered item level requirement on crews with discovery skills (Click HERE for the accessories guide)
    • Pioneer Penelope
    • Revenger Arpherine
    • Great Merchant Turner
    • Gambler Bella
  • Changed public quests on Harmony Island
    • No longer need to splash water, but need to put down a water bucket during “맑고 투명한 소리”
    • Target delivery quantity for “맑고 투명한 소리” changed to 120 from 50
    • Target gathering quantity for “향기로운 소리” changed to 400 from 200
    • A quest item “Aromatic Pollen” for “향기로운 소리” quest will drop a static amount
    • Target gathering quantity for “반짝이는 소리” quest changed to 400 from 200
    • Number of the play music for “조화로운 소리” quest changed to 120 from 40
  • Fixed an issue that a player did not receive quest credits for “향기로운 소리” and “반짝이는 소리”
  • Changed a public quest on Monte Island
    • Added more treasure chests on the island
    • Certain treasure chests respawn
    • Adjust the amount of particle of dreamlight from treasure chests. Higher grade chests drop more particles of dreamlight
    • Target gathering quantity for the public quest changed to 4000 from 1000
  • Fixed an issue that a player could not receive the public quest on Monte Island
  • Fixed an issue that a player could not receive quest credits
  • Fixed an issue that a player could not open a treasure chest
  • Fixed an issue that a player was stuck at certain locations on Monte Island
  • Fixed an issue that caught golden carps are not matched to a public quest on Island of Opportunity
  • Lowered recommendation item level on Liberation of Android Epona Request
  • Fixed an issue that an item dropped inside of a statue on Argon Island
  • Fixed an issue that a player cannot move straight on Island of Reminiscence
  • Fixed an issue that a player spawns at the unmoveable location on Island of Hallucination
  • Fixed an issue that a player was stuck at a specific location on Ice Maze Island
  • Increased HP on 부두목 타이조 from a public quest on Blacktooth Island
  • Fixed an issue that a player could not use drag and drop to change crews
  • Fixed an issue that storm sea debuff spread to other players


  • Increased speed of the first hit decision on Arcana’s “Dark Resurrection”
  • Fixed an issue that when Arcana used “Celestial Rain”, the effect disappeared when a player is attacked or used a movement skill
  • Fixed an issue the Summoner’s “Ancient Spear” interuppted when a caster got hit by others, but a caster had to wait for the cooldown to re-use the skill
  • Fixed an issue When Destroyer used “Seismic Hammer”, the skill is interrupted after smashing the ground and hit count did not occur
  • When Destroyer uses “Seismic Hammer”, a player can use a movement skill after smashing the ground with a hammer
  • Fixed an issue that Devilhunter’s “Plasma bullet” with “Freezing effect” tripod hit the target more than intended
  • Fixed an issue that Blaster’s “Summon Turret” with “Laser Turret” tripod hit the target more than intended
  • Blaster’s “Summon Turret” with “Armor Destruction” tripod will show debuff icon on the target
  • Fixed an issue that Blaster’s awakening skill did not deliver intended neutralization damage to the target
  • Fixed an issue that Blaser’s “Howitzer”, “Concentrated Strike”, and “Energy Blaster” had wrong tooltips
  • Fixed an issue that Summoner’s identity skill “Zahiah & Legearth” created an illusion of skill effect when skill use timing and casting animation overlap
  • Fixed an issue that Summoner’s identity skill “Zahiah & Legearth” created an illusion of skill effect to others when a player failed to hit perfect zone
  • Corrected Summoner’s “El-seed” “Summon Elite” tripod description
    • Summon only 1 El-seed, but El-seed will have increased damage with 40% increased attack range, and causes stiffness to the target
  • Fixed an issue that Destroyer’s “Running Crash” “Lucky Core” tripod did not work
  • Fixed an issue that Warlord’s identity gauge on ui did not match to the actual gauge
  • Fixed an issue that certain skills’ projectiles did not point the right direction




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