Lisha’s Letter: Episode Update – Land of Magic and Elements, Rohendel


Happy New Year!

Lost Ark is preparing new amazing updates.

We are working on improving current contents, new contents & system, fun stuff to do in the game, new items, and much more!

Other things are being prepared. For this letter, we would like to reveal one of the new content that you will be wondering about.

We would like to introduce you to another great adventure that will unfold in a new continent.

Your recent adventure brought a new dawn to people in Shushire. Lost Ark continues its story in a Beautiful Land “Rohendel”

Land of Magic and Elements, Rohendel

Rohendel is a continent that is reuled by the Queen of Sylin Agena and Eanna with the blessing from the world tree Elzowin

Rohendel is also the land of Sylin that created by the gods long time ago.

You could experience a small part of Rohendel in the Wizard prologue. After next episode update, you will continue your journey in Rohendel

The Queen of Sylin Agena and Eanna have two souls in one body


What adventure awaits you in this myterious land?

Before you guys visit the land, I took a tour in Rohendel


Beyond the Wall of Procyon, I sailed through the rough sea and arrived Rohendel’s beutiful harbor “Silver Waves Lake”

Silver Waves Lake is the only port in Rohendel, where many different races live together.

However, it seems that it is not easy to access into the interior of the Lake due to the current status in Rohendel


Many people are waiting in line to get an access permit to go to Rohendel


Well, I can see the new races in the Silver Waves Lake.

It is a “Bambo” that has never been seen on other continents

Bambo People love dancing and singing


I was introduced to the Rohendel’s greatest wizard “Aven”, the weirdo by a bright and gentle Bambo girl “Turan” who I met in Rohendel


“Huh, Aven! What did you do again for this mess!”





“Well, I am studying the magic of the devil.”





They are always arguing but they look like close friends


After passing by Silver Waves Lake, Roarun, the capital of Rohendel, showed its beauty

I can smell beautiful flowers. Now let’s visit there together!


Loarun is a beautiful city that is built for the Queen Eanna.

Roarun, the capital city of Rohendel, is home to many merchants and adventurers.

Roarun has a gorgeous look that blends nature compared to Castle of Bern’s modern designs


Roarun is built on the world tree Elzowin and it was a wonder

How could they build the city on a huge tree?


When I enter the city, elements greet me.

I felt that I came to the land of the elements.


Water Element is following Fire Element. I hope it is alright………right????


Roarun has various ambiances


After a tour of Roarun, I reached the path to the Glass Lotus Lake.

If you are an adventurer who completed the wizard prologue, You may remember the name!


I was so glad to see the Wind Scent Hills and glass lotus flowers, but the two places were a little different from my memories


Glass Lotus Lake looks totally different from what I remember


Something serious things are happening!

Protectors of Sylin who guarded the lake were busy to protect the lake

There seems to be something wrong with the four ancient elements who protect Rohendel

What is going on?



I thought Rohendel was a peaceful and beautiful continent…

I looked around carefully, and I was able to find a forbidden city on the other side of the road

Land of the dead, it does not match to the bright and beautiful Rohendel

The forbidden city used to be called “Zenyle” during the War of Chain


Zynyle was destroyed by the Nightmare Legion General Abrelsude


Most of Sylins in Zynyle exiled to Bern due to the explosion in the past.

However, mutated Sylins are still remained in the city without leaving their home.


Destroyed Zynyle has the dark part, but it seems like something has happened in this quiet city.

The suspicious aura was affecting the Land of Elements


The power of the ancient elements that controls four elements is also getting weaker


The Land of Elements is the sacred place where the four elements who protect Rohendel

Now their strength is weakended



A shout of someone from deep inside of Rohendel…

What is going on here?

The shout becomes a sharp dagger to made Rohendel in danger

“Now.. Rohdenel must be …..changed!!!!!!”


Then Queen Eanna is sealing the evil magic but it does not seem to last long


The Queen of Sylin Agena and Eanna have used so much their power to protect Rohendel…


Ah…….Rohendel will be in great danger!!!!!!!!


Oh god…. What is going on here….


Why did these big chess pieces suddenly appear?


 The crisis in Rohendel is getting bigger and bigger

Can we overcome the crisis?


In order to protect Rohendel, we need your HELP!



We have just given you some of the stories of Rohendel in Lost Ark First Episode Update


Adventure and Story in Rohendel will be yours

New Episode and New Continent Rohendel, Let’s continue your great journey again


In Rohendel, you will have unique experiences that we could not cover this letter.



There will be a new adventure journal and new relationships that you can start!


Oh, and! there will be mokoko seeds in Rohendel!!! Do not forget!


There will be a cruiser called Clementia” that connects Procyon Ocean and Giena Ocean


And, we are preparing various updates based on your feedback


Please Look Foward to the next letter!


Thank you,

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