Island of Sublimity Guide

Island Guide

A guide for Island of Sublimity in Lost Ark


You must able to sail to the west part of the ocean. You need to collect 15 hearts of island and complete a quest chain from Minerva on Island of Wisdom. Recommended Item level for this content is 410.


Island of Sublimity is located on the North West. You need to use a ship (Barkstoom) that has at least normal resistance to Frozen Sea Environment.


You will get:

  • 300 Pirate Coins
  • +3 Bravery in Personality
  • Grudge Inscription I
  • 5 Acrasium Tier 1
  • 2 Acrasium Tier 2
  • 린데르테 와인잔 (Legendary grade Gift Item)

Quest Chain

Getting Started

Once you enter the island. You can accept a quest chain from Jenet. 

Jenet will ask you to smell flowers near her.

After you smell the flowers, enter an old castle on the island. After this point, you are entering an instance scenario. Do not forget to repair your gear and health potions.

Here we go

In the Castle

Talk to Servent Opit then he will ask you to change your cloth for the party. Follow quest markers on the map. It is very simple and then you will find Kristine from Stern.

She asked you smelled the flowers. I think you can choose whatever but the first option is Yes

She injects antidote to you and asks you to relax for a moment. You do not have to sit on a chair, just stay on a red circle.

After this part, you need to find Kristine (Very easy part, you just need to follow quest markers).


After you talk to Kristine, you are able to enter secret dungeon inside of the castle.


Stealth Mission

Try to avoid a red circle around dogs and guards. You need to rescue prisoners. However, when you open a cell door, a dog will run into a cell. You can open a cell door and leave wait for a dog to move out OR you can open the cell door then rescue (press g) prisoner right away then leave.


After you rescue the prisoners, you need to unlock a big door. If you altered dogs and guards, you can still finish the quest. You need to kite them (simply pull them to the opposite side of the big door).

Once you opened the big door, you need to lure crazy maniacs from stairs. You need to sit on an available chair and wait until you see quest counter goes up. You need to sit six times. Once you sit on the chair, it will reset all aggro from the maniacs. You will lose your health while on the chair.

Do not kill yourself

After this part, you need to use a switch to open another door. You will face a boss.

Final Boss

Final Boss uses frontal cleave so always try to attack the boss behind. If you die, you do not have use feather. You can release on the last checkpoint. The boss will not regen its health.

The End

You have to choose Kristine or Elizabeth to complete the quest chain. You can only access affinity on the chosen NPC

Affinity Reward

Affinity Level Kristine Elizabeth
Normal 50 Pirate Coins 5 Ancient Gold Coins (5000 Silings)
Interested 3 x Acrasium Tier 1 3 x Acrasium Tier 1
Friendly 2 x Acrasium Tier 2 2 x Acrasium Tier 2

Heart of Island

Mast Emblem: Restrain

Enhanced Brams Schematic


Heart of Island

Wandering Spirit

Enhanced Tragon Schematic


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