[Jan 2nd] Lost Ark Patch Note



Countess Elizabeth is holding a party on Island of Sublimity (지고의 섬)

  • You can enter an old castle
  • You can play lots of fun stuff on the Island of Sublimity

Added 3 Expedition Achievements

  • ‘저와 한 곡 추시지 않으시겠습니까?’
  • ‘해결사의 해결을 도와드립니다’
  • ‘사설 탐정’

Added three titles for Expedition Achievement Reward

  • ‘에르제베트의’
  • ‘크리스틴의’
  • ‘태초의’


A boss in Chaos Dungeon: Cave of Nightmare (악몽의 동굴) will not increase neutralization requirement on final boss regardless of party size

Event Chaos Dungeon will have only one Debuff (Unity of Chaos)

Reduced item level requirements for certain dungeons

                Labyrinth of Shadow: Normal requires item level 295

                Labyrinth of Shadow: Hard requires item level 400

                X-301 7th District: Normal requires item level 330

                X-301 7th District: Hard requires item level 440

                Night of Walpurgis: Normal requires item level 435

                Night of Walpurgis: Hard requires item level 470

Fixed an issue that normal treasure chests were not dropped any loots in Tier 2 Secret Dungeons



Reduced required affinity points for each affinity level on certain NPC

  •                 베아트리스, 실리안, 칼스, 사샤, 검은 이빨, 에아달린, 아델, 네리아(레온하트, 루테란 성, 갈기파도 항구, 슈테른), 바스티안, 칼바서스
  •                 No longer have a penalty when you gift the same items

Changed the maximum number of gifting for each gift item grade

  •                 Uncommon: 8 to 16
  •                 Rare: 8 to 12
  •                 Heroic & Legendary: No changes
  •                 Artifact: 4 to 2

Changed a rule for promotion in affinity level

You can still promote affinity level even though you haven’t finished affinity quest in current affinity level

After promotion without completion of affinity quest, you cannot use any social actions, also added a system message for it

You cannot gift an item that exceeds required affinity points for trustworthy level by 200 affinity points.

You cannot buy a gift item “작은 오르골” from an NPC on Town of Fugitive



Reduced item level requirements for exchanging accessories. You can buy accessories when you have 10 item level lower than accessories (used to be 5)

Added an item level 390 Ring that you can buy it from Luxury Vendor in capitals

                Item 390 Ring

                Item level requirement: 380

                Price: 75,000 Siling


Lost Ark Shop

Changed items in Daily 36 Pack: You will get heroic grade affinity gift item box (can choose)

Added new items for Mari’s Secret Shop

  •                 Acrasium Tier 2
  •                 Heroic grade affinity gift item box (can choose)



Fixed an issue that “대지충돌”’s damage increase effect did not apply when you use “진탕” and “대지충돌” tripods for Mountain Crash.



Weekly Epona Request

‘[일반] 토벌! 레기오로스’ requires to kill 레기오로스 6 times instead of 3

‘[일반] 레기오로스의 혈루석’ requires to acquire 10 혈루석 instead of 5

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