Acrasium Guide


A guide to getting Acrasium in Lost Ark

Epona Request

You can get access to Epona Request after you finish few quests in Castle of Bern. You can simply press alt+J to get access to Epona Request. Epona Request has daily and weekly.

You can get access to daily, weekly, and reputation progress on Epona Request


Acrasium Tier 1 and Tier 2 have a chance a being dropped from Epona’s pouch. Every day you can get one or two Acrasiums from the pouches. 

The pouch has two different tiers:

Tier 1:  combat level 50 to item level 394

Tier 2: Above item level 395(If Epona Request does not refresh rewards, go back to character selection screen).

Each quest has reputation rewards. When you complete a quest, you will get 10 reputation points on the quest. You can check the rewards here

You can complete the requests three times per day. If you use Epona Request +1, you can complete one more request. You can get an Epona Request +1 from Mari’s Secret Shop and Attendance Event. You can also complete Epona Request instantly by using Epona Request Instant Completion Scroll or spending blue crystals. You must complete the request at least once manually to see an option for instant completion.

Remember, you do not have to use these all the time.


You can complete three weekly requests per week. If you do not like requests on a list. You can simply click “Refresh” button to reset the list. You can refresh once for free. After that, you need to spend blue crystals to refresh the list. You can only refresh the list up to three times per week.

You can still complete accepted weekly requests after you refresh the list.

Event Chaos Dungeon

Event Chaos Dungeon requires an entry ticket from chaos dungeon reward box or Mari’s Secret Shop. You can only get one event chaos dungeon reward box per day.

Tier 1 Event Chaos Dungeon: ~ item level 394.99. Drop Tier 1 Acrasium.

Tier 2 Event Chaos Dungeon: item level 395. Drop Tier 2 Acrasium.

You need this golden ticket to enter Event Chaos Dungeon

Secret Dungeons

An Acrasium has a chance of being dropped from secret dungeons except gathering dungeons. You can only get one Acrasium per day. Tier 1 maps drop Acrasium Tier 1 and Tier 2 maps drop Acrasium Tier 2. Secret Dungeon Maps have a chance of being dropped from Event Chaos Dungeon Reward, Monsters, and Secret Gathering Map Pouch.

Deep Sea Treasure Map

Deep Sea Treasure Maps have a chance of being dropped from Exploration Activities on the ocean (including Fishing). The maps do not have a daily limit to acquire Acrasiums.

You will get Tier 1 Maps until you reach item level 395. After item level 395, you will get Tier 2 Maps

You need this map so do not forget to spend your luck aura on the ocean

Islands – Calendar Event

An Acrasium has a chance of being dropped from a public quest reward

  • Harmony Island
  • Medea
  • Island of Sabbath
  • Uncharted Island
  • Island of False Desire
  • Island of Opportunity
  • Monte Island
  • Vollard Island

Guardian Raid

When you defeat one of the Guardians for the first time, you will receive a special reward chest. You can obtain different tiers of Acrasium based on Guardian Raid Tier. 

Tier 1 & Tier 2 Raids drop Acrasium Tier 1

Tier 3 & Tier 4 Raids drop Acrasium Tier 2 


When you salvage equipment that used Acrasium for the upgrade. You get 60% of used Acrasiums.  However, if you are lucky, you may get more Acrasiums

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